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Photo ID 281272 by Arjun Sarup. Thailand Air Force Fairey Firefly FR 1, J4 11 94
Photo ID: 281272
On display at the Royal Thai Air Force Museum. This ex-FAA MB410 Firefly was meant for the Royal Thai Navy in 1950, but RTAF took up the order and operated ten Mk. 1 and two T.2 trainers from 1951-59.
Photo ID 281228 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force McDonnell Douglas F 15D Eagle, 83 0049
Photo ID: 281228
PACAF Eagle on static display at Aero India 2015. This aircraft is from the 44th FS “Vampires”, 18th Wing based at Kadena Air Base, Japan.
Photo ID 281227 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force Northrop YC 125B Raider, 48 626
Photo ID: 281227
On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Ten of the Arctic rescue variants were ordered by the USAF and delivery started in 1950. The Arctic version could be equipped with RATO, a ski undercarriage and carry twenty stretchers. The STOL
Photo ID 281226 by Arjun Sarup. Japan Air Force Mitsubishi T 2 CCV, 29 5103
Photo ID: 281226
On display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. The T-2 was influenced by the design of the SEPECAT Jaguar, as can be seen from this rear view. It was also powered by two Adour turbofans, licence built by Ishikawajima-Harima as the TF40-IHI-801A.
Photo ID 281225 by Arjun Sarup. Japan Navy Lockheed C 130R Hercules L 382, 61 9052
Photo ID: 281225
On short final in the evening for Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō. This former USMC aircraft was refurbished and was the first of six to arrive at Atsugi on 14 Nov 2014. It was initially operated by 51 Kokutai and is now operated by 61 Kokutai.
Photo ID 281224 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 21FL, C1174
Photo ID: 281224
On display at Yashwant Place at Chanakyapuri. Licence built by HAL, the FL was an improved version of the PF and similar to the PFM. The FL served the IAF well during the 1971 war and was succeeded by the M, MF and MiG-21bis versions.
Photo ID 281135 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Fairchild C 119G Flying Boxcar, IK450
Photo ID: 281135
On display at IAF Museum Palam. This workhorse of the IAF was inducted in No. 12 Sqn “Yaks” in Jan 1954 to replace Dakotas. Known as the “Packet” in Indian service, the aircraft was vital in supporting the Indian Army in the Himalayas.
Photo ID 281076 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force North American F 100F Super Sabre, 56 3837
Photo ID: 281076
On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. From traditional bombing, the two-seat F-100F developed into Iron Hand, Fast FAC and weather recce roles. The first Wild Weasel I unit was the 354th TFS flying the F-100F from Takhli using APR-25/
Photo ID 281028 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force Northrop Grumman B 2A Spirit, 82 1070
Photo ID: 281028
This is a test aircraft intended for fatigue testing that lacks engines and instruments. The actual B-2, “Spirit of Ohio” underwent extensive temperature testing for heat, extreme cold, rain and high humidity.
Photo ID 281011 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Hindustan Aeronautics Limited HJT 16 Kiran Mk 2, U717
Photo ID: 281011
A classic aircraft of Training Command flies past at Aero India 2019. First flown on Sept. 4, 1964, the successful Kiran was designed and built by HAL as a basic jet trainer.
Photo ID 281010 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force Douglas RB 66B Destroyer, 53 0475
Photo ID: 281010
This aircraft with Shaw AFB tailcode ‘JN’ participated in the Vietnam War and was delivered to the museum in 1970. RB-66Bs were reconfigured to provide ESM and ECM support from 1965 to strike aircraft operating over northern Laos and North Vietnam.
Photo ID 281009 by Arjun Sarup. USA Air Force Boeing KC 97L Stratofreighter 367 76 66, 52 2630
Photo ID: 281009
This Stratofreighter was flown by 160th Air Refueling Group (ARG) of the Ohio ANG and was christened “Zeppelinheim” by the mayor of that German town during Op. Creek Party, the aerial refueling of NATO forces in Europe.
Photo ID 280988 by Arjun Sarup. Japan Air Force Lockheed Martin F 35A Lightning II, 29 8730
Photo ID: 280988
Elements of 302 Hikotai and 301 Hikotai in finger-four formation over Sagami Bay. Each squadron carries its emblem of a sea eagle and frog respectively on the tail.
Photo ID 280987 by Arjun Sarup. Indonesia Air Force Lockheed C 130B Hercules L 282, T 1301
Photo ID: 280987
Shiny restored Hercules on display at Museum Pusat TNI-AU Dirgantara Mandala. This Hercules was purchased in 1960 and flew with Skadron Udara 31 from Halim Perdanakusuma AFB. In 1981 it joined Skadron Udara 32 at Abdul Rachman Saleh AFB.
Photo ID 280969 by Arjun Sarup. USA Army Air Force Curtiss P 40N Warhawk, NL10626
Photo ID: 280969
“O’Reilly’s Daughter” at the Museum of Flight. It is painted in the markings of 1LT Philip E. Colman of the 26th FS, 5th FG, Chinese-American Composite Wing (CACW), which formed part of the 14th Air Force in the CBI theatre.
Photo ID 280423 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force De Havilland DH 104 Devon C 1, HW201
Photo ID: 280423
On display at the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bangalore. The first four Devons were inducted into the IAF in June 1950, forming part of Air Headquarters Communications Squadron at Palam.
Photo ID 280422 by Arjun Sarup. India Army Hindustan Aeronautics Limited LUH, IA5101
Photo ID: 280422
On display outside the halls at Aero India 2023. The LUH features a glass cockpit, is in the 3-ton category and powered by a single Shakti 1U turboshaft engine developed from the Safran Ardiden 1U. It has a service ceiling of 6500 m.
Photo ID 280388 by Arjun Sarup. USA Navy Curtiss SB2C 3 Helldiver, N4250Y
Photo ID: 280388
BuNo 19075 under restoration at Yanks Air Museum. Visible is the 1,900 hp R-2600-20 Twin Cyclone radial engine, housing for 20mm cannon and the wide wheel track. The first USN squadron to fly the SB2C-1 in anger was VB-17 operating from USS Bunker Hill
Photo ID 280387 by Arjun Sarup. USA Navy Vought F4U 4B Corsair, N47991
Photo ID: 280387
This Corsair is being restored to airworthiness at Yanks Air Museum. Visible is the powerful Pratt & Whitney R-2800-18W radial engine. The F4U-4B variant was equipped with four 20mm cannon.
Photo ID 271489 by Arjun Sarup. Czechoslovakia Air Force Sukhoi Su 7BM, 5308
Photo ID: 271489
On display at Parco Tematico dell’Aviazione. The Czechoslovak Air Force was the first foreign operator of the Su-7. The type served from 1964-83 with the 28th Fighter Bomber Air Regiment “Těšínský“ at Caslav, where this aircraft was based. Th
Photo ID 271488 by Arjun Sarup. Vietnam Air Force Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 19S, 0138
Photo ID: 271488
On display in the markings of the NVAF at the Nat. Museum of the USAF. This aircraft was obtained from the 457th Technical Evaluation Sqn. based at Nellis AFB. The majority of NVAF MiG-19s were the Shenyang J-6, which equipped the 925th Fighter Regiment
Photo ID 257596 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Dhruv Mk 3, ZD4134
Photo ID: 257596
On static display on the 89th Air Force Day at Hindon AFS. This ALH is the fixed wheel variant with a maximum AUW of 5750 kg. It can land at helipads at 20,000 feet. The Mk.III was inducted in 111 HU “Snow Tigers” at Bareilly.
Photo ID 240566 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Hawker Hurricane IIb, AG291
Photo ID: 240566
One of the most important aircraft in the IAF and RIAF inventory that equipped eight squadrons, the Hurricane played a major part in the Arakan Campaign. "Dolly" wears the code of No. 1 Sqn. “Tigers”.
Photo ID 240565 by Arjun Sarup. India Air Force Hawker Hunter FGA56A, A476
Photo ID: 240565
Painted in the colors of the Thunderbolts, this is a new addition to IAF Museum Palam. IAF’s aerobatic team formed under Wg Cdr PS Brar that was a joy to watch in its day. Thunderbolts were from No. 20 Sqn. “Lightnings”.
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