McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D Hornet Aircraft Data
Photo ID 14377 by Maurice Hendriks - Afterburner Images. USA Navy McDonnell Douglas F A 18D Hornet, 163460
(F/A-18D): Two-seat, multi-role fighter and conversion trainer.

The 'D-model' F/A-18 is a two-place variant of the single-seat F/A-18C 'Hornet'. Aside from small reduction in internal fuel, The F/A-18D retains the D-model's APG-73 RADAR and is fully combat-capable. Sixty D's were further modified to accept the ATARS electro-optical sensor system, in place of the M61 cannon. ATARS-equipped F/A-18D's are often designated F/A-18D(RC). The last legacy hornet delivered to the USMC in 2000, was an F/A-18D.

The F/A-18D replaced the Grumman A-6 'Intruder' and McDonnell Douglas OA-4M 'Skyhawk' in USMC service. Foreign operators of the F/A-18C tend to have a couple of examples of the F/A-18D in service. The exception being Malaysia, which flies eight F/A-18D's and no single-seaters. The F/A-18 family of aircraft has seen combat in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, the Balkans and North Africa. Giving the skyrocketing costs of the upcoming Joint Strike Fighter, the option for existing F/A-18 and F-16 operators to opt for cheaper, and more-capable F/A-18E/F purchases is possible. The F/A-18C/D is no longer in production.
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • First Flight: 18 Nov 1978
  • Initial Service Date: 1/7/83
  • No. Built: 1,480
  • No. In Service: 0 (approx.)
  • No. of Hardpoints: 9
  • Crew: 2


2x General Electric F404-GE-402 afterburning turbofans at 17,750 lbf


1 x 20-mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon (570 rds)
2 x AIM-7 Sparrow, 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder
CVR7 Rockets
GBU-10/12/24/51 Paveway LGB's, GBU-15 EOGB's, Mk 82/83/84 General Purpose Bombs


Length: 56 ft. 0 in.
Wing Span: 40 ft.
Wing Area: 400 sq.ft
Height: 15 ft. 3 in.
Empty Weight: 24,700 lbs
Max. Weight: 51,550 lbs
Max. Ordnance Load: 13,700 lbs
Max. Payload: 13,700 lbs
Internal Fuel: 10,860 lbs


Max. Speed: 1,190 mph
Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft.
Normal Range: 800 nm
Max. Range: 1,800 nm


F/A-18D: Finland (ILmaviomat, 7), Kuwait (Air Force, 7), Malaysia (Air Force, 8), Switzerland (Flugwaffe, 8), United States (Navy, Marine Corps, NASA)

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Photo ID 102896 by Peter Boschert. USA Marines McDonnell Douglas F A 18D Hornet, 163771
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Photo ID 70907 by Jason Grant. USA Navy McDonnell Douglas F A 18D Hornet, 163460
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